Friday, November 6, 2020

Gaia Religion - First Dream

I dreamed of a planet.

The planet was earth. A rocky planet.
With a living Center.
Within the Middle of the Planet there exist a star.

The Star was alive, as all stars within the Univers.

Stars were the first form of it life.
It had a beginning and an end.

I dream of Stars eating other starts.
And Starts fighting against Darkness.

There was Dark stars that shines Darkness and which would Consume the light Starts,
Then I dreams of a Dark Star eating everything along it's way.

And it became solid.
Then the Dark Solid star tried to eat a Shining star.
Shining star stayed in the stomach of the Dark Star. 

And both Dark Star and Shining Star became one.
The Dark became the outside, the Sinin

Introduction - Gaia Religion

I the Prophet Stephane
Say verily had dreams about the Beginning of the Earth.
Those dreams began when I was young.

Here is a collection of the Writting of things I saw within those dreams.

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